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Types of Womens Golf Shoes

Golf is no more just a gentleman’s game, ladies have joined the course. The market is offering all the golf equipment for ladies too. One of the most important equipment isn’t what you’d be looking for in your bag, it’s on your feet. Women’s golf shoes come in a variety of colors and textures keeping in context the style element because that’s what the ladies love. Comfort, stability, and traction are the features that we’d be looking for in these shoes. Women don’t just pick most functional but also most fashionable things so here are some types of golf shoes.

Classic Golf Shoes

Classic golf shoes are the first choice of professional golfers. These are the most traditional golf shoes and their history dates back to 1950s. These are mostly made of pure leather, are very comfortable and sturdy. The primary function of these shoes is that they provide a firm grip and stability due to the traditional spikes they use. These shoes are very classy and expensive as well, so if you’re a regular player, you would like to buy them.

Golf Street Shoes

Golf street shoes are the latest and modern form of golf shoes. These are pretty, casual and light weight. So if you’re a beginner and are looking for women’s golf shoes, these are the right choice for you. As they provide excellent support due to the modern studded outsole and midsole cushioning technology. They are very easy on the feet and have a very casual outlook hence they will definitely help in improving your game. Before selecting the right shoes, read reviews here.

Golf Sandals

As suggested by their name, golf sandals are particularly made for the summer season. Some players prefer wearing open and airy footwear during summers. They are made in the shape of sandals but they have spikes to provide the player with traction to the maximum. Golf sandals aren’t a choice of professional golfers, as they do not provide with the kind of support and comfort that shoes offer.

Besides the types of golf shoes, the most principle feature required in choosing the right women’s golf shoes is the comfort. Things to consider maximizing this comfort are as under:

  • Carefully analyzing the feet size before buying as you do not want to spend that kind of money to buy a biting shoe.
  • The mid-sole cushioning technology is used in the selected shoes or not and whether the outsole is made of soft supportive rubber or not.
  • Also check if the shoe is using a waterproof lining to save you from the discomfort the wet and muddy courses can cause.
  • The material of the shoes is also of paramount importance. Women’s golf shoes are mostly made of leather or synthetic leather. Leather shoes are more comfortable, more resistant to water and are definitely more comfortable. But synthetic leather has an edge in the price game because they are cheaper.

By using this article, you can select the right women’s golf shoes which are according to your taste and needs and play the game like a pro.