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What are the different types of golf spikes

Golf is an outdoor recreation and its course comprises of miscellaneous landscapes. In order to cope with these changes in the course, men’s golf shoes are a must have. The players understand that the importance of golf shoes cannot be over-emphasized. Because it is these shoes that keep you grounded when you make an aggressive swing with that club or you go walking through that hilly slippery grass to chase the ball. More precisely, it is the spikes on these golf shoes that provide a golfer with stability and traction throughout the course. This article will bring to light the types of spikes for you to choose from to bring on your A-game.

Types of Golf Spikes

Golf spikes help the players with stability while making an aggressive hit, while walking through the wet grass, or making your way through that rough terrain. Moreover, the latest advancement in spikes even ensures that the turf is damaged to the least. There are mainly three types of golf spikes for men’s golf shoes discussed as under.

Metal Spikes

Metal spikes are the ones that were first in the history of spikes. These are simply metal posts that are attached to the bottom of your golf shoes. These are considered the most durable but require a lot of maintenance to avoid rusting. Also, they are hard on the manicured fairways of the golf courses, which is the reason that most golf courses have banned them. So before buying these do check with your course if these are allowed. They are popular mainly for their firm grip.

Soft Spikes

These spikes are manufactured by using the soft rubber material polyurethane. Soft spikes are advantageous for the golfers are they are light-weighted and go easy on the track. However, they do not provide you with the best traction and are less durable.

Ceramic Spikes

Ceramic spikes are the most expensive but also the best ones out of the three. They are the most durable and resistant to abrasion. However, they come with steel flanges which make them prone to rusting rendering them high maintenance.

Choosing the Right Spikes for you

To select between these spikes it is a good idea to read best mens golf shoes reviews before making a purchase. Also consider the following factors while choosing spikes.

Whether you’re a regular golfer or play it just for the fun of it as a regular player would be willing to spend more and choose the ceramic ones. If you like to move on the cart, you wouldn’t mind heavy metal spikes. On the other hand, if you’re more of a walker you would want lighter soft spikes. If you already have golf shoes, then you would like to check the compatibility of the spikes with your shoes. Also, keep in mind your budget, ceramic spikes are most expensive and soft ones are the least.

You have various options in the market for buying spikes this day; this article will help you a great deal for selecting the right spikes for men’s golf shoes.