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How to Select Golf Shoes for your kids

You want to see your little golfer excel at his or her game then you can definitely help them by selecting the right junior Golf shoes. The right footwear can help them a great deal with their still-developing stance and stability. As these young ones are still getting a hang of the game, it is your duty to provide them with the most comfortable and supportive shoes. In short, look for the shoes that provide stability, comfort, and traction to your little one and help them bring their game on. So, consider the following while choosing shoes for them.


As comfort is the key factor while choosing shoes for the younger ones, try to choose the shoes that have spikes and have a cushioning system that runs throughout the length of the mid-sole. This way, their whole foot would be cushioned and will also be provided with shock absorption. The latest sneaker-inspired golf shoes are the thing for the generation next as they are light weighted and give a sporty look.


You would love for your junior to be safe while being on the course. This safety comes from the stability that is provided by the junior golf shoes. You would want to get the shoes with those cleats for your kid to be stable. The cleats come in a wide variety: metal cleats, soft cleats, and ceramic cleats. The metal cleats are the old school technique, heavy-weighted but provide excellent stability and traction. The soft cleats are made from rubber; they are light-weighted and go easy on the track. The ceramic cleats are most expensive and durable. To select the right golf shoes for your junior read reviews here.


The material is a very significant element in selecting the right shoes for your kid. The junior golf shoes are available in leather or synthetic leather material. The leather is very comfortable, waterproof and breathable but is very expensive too. Synthetic leather is cheaper and also provides with some degree of comfort and breath ability. So it’s your choice how much you would like to spend on your junior’s shoes.

Finding their Fit

Finding the right fit for your junior is of paramount importance. As he or she would be spending hours in them while standing, walking, running and making swings so you wouldn’t want them to get hurt or uncomfortable. Follow below steps to get the right fit:

  • Measure each foot before selecting the size. If the size of both feet is different from each other, then order the shoe that would fit the bigger one.
  • While going for shopping junior golf shoes, don’t forget to take along the socks they would be wearing while playing. This way you will ensure that the shoe fits with the socks and the size will be accurate.

Considering all the above elements, you can choose the right shoes for your budding golf player to play safe and bring on his or her A-game.