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Self-Storage Explained

Self-storage is one of the most booming businesses right now. It is just another room but is not located in your own house. It’s like a store room where you can store and safe things that have over-crowded your house. Besides home, it can also be used for storing official records that may not find any place in your office. Or, you could use it in any unconventional method like using it as your personal gym or turning it into your band’s music room or using it for giving those piano classes. It can also be used to store the essentials of your home while you’re moving from one apartment to another. In short, it is multi-functional spare room located in your area.


While renting a self-storage unit you do not have to worry about the safety of your objects or whatever you’re storing in it. As you have the keys to it and only you or whoever you wish can have an access to it. As you control its way in so, there is no fear that any outsider will break and enter to damage or steel your goods. Besides, most of the self storage facilities have security systems. Some of them also offer alarm system for any suspicious activity around your space.

Variable unit sizes

The storage units are available in various sizes. You can choose the size according to your requirement. They range from small lockers to large garages and even beyond. You name your need and get a size that meets it. Moreover, you can google the storage of particular area and find whatever you desire. For instance, you search for Edison Self-Storage New Jersey so; you’ll get a result of the units of all sizes available in that vicinity.

No time limit

Another great advantage of the self-storage is that you don’t have to pay any fee for accessing your unit as is the case with many storage facilities. You can access your space 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there is no stopping you because you are all in all of your units. You don’t have to follow a particular time routine to have access to your goods and there are no extra charges as well.

Flexible Terms

You do not have to worry about any terms while renting a storage unit as its renting time terms are very flexible. If you got it for a month but now you need it beyond that, there won’t be any issues you can easily extend the time. Similarly, if you rented it for a year but now you don’t need it anymore, you just have to pay the rent of the ongoing month. Moreover, if you need more space you can add another unit to your area or vice versa. Self-storage offers very flexible terms for all your needs.

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Types of Womens Golf Shoes

Golf is no more just a gentleman’s game, ladies have joined the course. The market is offering all the golf equipment for ladies too. One of the most important equipment isn’t what you’d be looking for in your bag, it’s on your feet. Women’s golf shoes come in a variety of colors and textures keeping in context the style element because that’s what the ladies love. Comfort, stability, and traction are the features that we’d be looking for in these shoes. Women don’t just pick most functional but also most fashionable things so here are some types of golf shoes.

Classic Golf Shoes

Classic golf shoes are the first choice of professional golfers. These are the most traditional golf shoes and their history dates back to 1950s. These are mostly made of pure leather, are very comfortable and sturdy. The primary function of these shoes is that they provide a firm grip and stability due to the traditional spikes they use. These shoes are very classy and expensive as well, so if you’re a regular player, you would like to buy them.

Golf Street Shoes

Golf street shoes are the latest and modern form of golf shoes. These are pretty, casual and light weight. So if you’re a beginner and are looking for women’s golf shoes, these are the right choice for you. As they provide excellent support due to the modern studded outsole and midsole cushioning technology. They are very easy on the feet and have a very casual outlook hence they will definitely help in improving your game. Before selecting the right shoes, read reviews here.

Golf Sandals

As suggested by their name, golf sandals are particularly made for the summer season. Some players prefer wearing open and airy footwear during summers. They are made in the shape of sandals but they have spikes to provide the player with traction to the maximum. Golf sandals aren’t a choice of professional golfers, as they do not provide with the kind of support and comfort that shoes offer.

Besides the types of golf shoes, the most principle feature required in choosing the right women’s golf shoes is the comfort. Things to consider maximizing this comfort are as under:

  • Carefully analyzing the feet size before buying as you do not want to spend that kind of money to buy a biting shoe.
  • The mid-sole cushioning technology is used in the selected shoes or not and whether the outsole is made of soft supportive rubber or not.
  • Also check if the shoe is using a waterproof lining to save you from the discomfort the wet and muddy courses can cause.
  • The material of the shoes is also of paramount importance. Women’s golf shoes are mostly made of leather or synthetic leather. Leather shoes are more comfortable, more resistant to water and are definitely more comfortable. But synthetic leather has an edge in the price game because they are cheaper.

By using this article, you can select the right women’s golf shoes which are according to your taste and needs and play the game like a pro.

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What are the different types of golf spikes

Golf is an outdoor recreation and its course comprises of miscellaneous landscapes. In order to cope with these changes in the course, men’s golf shoes are a must have. The players understand that the importance of golf shoes cannot be over-emphasized. Because it is these shoes that keep you grounded when you make an aggressive swing with that club or you go walking through that hilly slippery grass to chase the ball. More precisely, it is the spikes on these golf shoes that provide a golfer with stability and traction throughout the course. This article will bring to light the types of spikes for you to choose from to bring on your A-game.

Types of Golf Spikes

Golf spikes help the players with stability while making an aggressive hit, while walking through the wet grass, or making your way through that rough terrain. Moreover, the latest advancement in spikes even ensures that the turf is damaged to the least. There are mainly three types of golf spikes for men’s golf shoes discussed as under.

Metal Spikes

Metal spikes are the ones that were first in the history of spikes. These are simply metal posts that are attached to the bottom of your golf shoes. These are considered the most durable but require a lot of maintenance to avoid rusting. Also, they are hard on the manicured fairways of the golf courses, which is the reason that most golf courses have banned them. So before buying these do check with your course if these are allowed. They are popular mainly for their firm grip.

Soft Spikes

These spikes are manufactured by using the soft rubber material polyurethane. Soft spikes are advantageous for the golfers are they are light-weighted and go easy on the track. However, they do not provide you with the best traction and are less durable.

Ceramic Spikes

Ceramic spikes are the most expensive but also the best ones out of the three. They are the most durable and resistant to abrasion. However, they come with steel flanges which make them prone to rusting rendering them high maintenance.

Choosing the Right Spikes for you

To select between these spikes it is a good idea to read best mens golf shoes reviews before making a purchase. Also consider the following factors while choosing spikes.

Whether you’re a regular golfer or play it just for the fun of it as a regular player would be willing to spend more and choose the ceramic ones. If you like to move on the cart, you wouldn’t mind heavy metal spikes. On the other hand, if you’re more of a walker you would want lighter soft spikes. If you already have golf shoes, then you would like to check the compatibility of the spikes with your shoes. Also, keep in mind your budget, ceramic spikes are most expensive and soft ones are the least.

You have various options in the market for buying spikes this day; this article will help you a great deal for selecting the right spikes for men’s golf shoes.


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How to Select Golf Shoes for your kids

You want to see your little golfer excel at his or her game then you can definitely help them by selecting the right junior Golf shoes. The right footwear can help them a great deal with their still-developing stance and stability. As these young ones are still getting a hang of the game, it is your duty to provide them with the most comfortable and supportive shoes. In short, look for the shoes that provide stability, comfort, and traction to your little one and help them bring their game on. So, consider the following while choosing shoes for them.


As comfort is the key factor while choosing shoes for the younger ones, try to choose the shoes that have spikes and have a cushioning system that runs throughout the length of the mid-sole. This way, their whole foot would be cushioned and will also be provided with shock absorption. The latest sneaker-inspired golf shoes are the thing for the generation next as they are light weighted and give a sporty look.


You would love for your junior to be safe while being on the course. This safety comes from the stability that is provided by the junior golf shoes. You would want to get the shoes with those cleats for your kid to be stable. The cleats come in a wide variety: metal cleats, soft cleats, and ceramic cleats. The metal cleats are the old school technique, heavy-weighted but provide excellent stability and traction. The soft cleats are made from rubber; they are light-weighted and go easy on the track. The ceramic cleats are most expensive and durable. To select the right golf shoes for your junior read reviews here.


The material is a very significant element in selecting the right shoes for your kid. The junior golf shoes are available in leather or synthetic leather material. The leather is very comfortable, waterproof and breathable but is very expensive too. Synthetic leather is cheaper and also provides with some degree of comfort and breath ability. So it’s your choice how much you would like to spend on your junior’s shoes.

Finding their Fit

Finding the right fit for your junior is of paramount importance. As he or she would be spending hours in them while standing, walking, running and making swings so you wouldn’t want them to get hurt or uncomfortable. Follow below steps to get the right fit:

  • Measure each foot before selecting the size. If the size of both feet is different from each other, then order the shoe that would fit the bigger one.
  • While going for shopping junior golf shoes, don’t forget to take along the socks they would be wearing while playing. This way you will ensure that the shoe fits with the socks and the size will be accurate.

Considering all the above elements, you can choose the right shoes for your budding golf player to play safe and bring on his or her A-game.